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The Organizing Fairy

The Organizing Fairy is here 

to make your clutter 


An Organized Home Means a Stress-Free Life

Imagine yourself being in a place full of mess, clutter, and dust. I'm sure just thinking about it gives you a headache. 

But if this is your reality, let the organizing fairy wake you up from your nightmare.  You deserve to live in the home of your dreams. The organizing fairy wants to help you accomplish that.

Schedule an appointment today! 

I cater to clients in and around Las Vegas, Nevada. 

Who is The Organizing Fairy?

Hello! My name is Amber Bagaley and I established The Organizing Fairy in 2015. I’ve been organizing since I could walk. In high school I would clean my friends’ rooms. 

I color coded their closets, rearranged their furniture, dusted thier knick-knacks, etc. They loved it because I already did one of their chores. (Not such a bad friend to have!) 

I graduated with a degree in business management from a private college in Pittsburgh. If I knew organizing was a profession back then, I would have graduated with honors.

Organizing is contagious! When I am working on an area, my client will start organizing another. Sometimes we all need a little push to get things going in the right direction. Trust me, I am far from perfect and there is NO judgement when we meet. 

Past Projects

Organizing is my Passion

It's an amazing feeling knowing I made an impact on my clients' lives.  For me, it’s not just about organizing your things and making them look pretty. I help them save time and money. I create a system they can manage and understand. 

It excites me when kids want me to organize their room or closet. Teaching them that everything has a home is invaluable and will help you in more ways than you can imagine. Instiling organization at a young age will help prepare them for all areas of life.

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